• Image of Funtime Comics & Art Zine : Issue 29

Funtime showcases the talents of New Zealand and International artists and writers with a range of short story comics, graphic art and articles.

With issue 29, Funtime Comics celebrates it's 25th anniversary...

... while the iron curtain was disintegrating in Europe, back in Godzone NZ a collective of art and comic sweaties were forming their comic club at Canty Uni. Little did they know their humble copier-printed zine "Funtime Cartoons" would still be in print a quarter of a century on.

Will Funtime see another 25 years? Perhaps as an electronic feed directly to the brain? As much as they say print is dying, there is no denying that people still prefer a 'real' book they can flick through over a steaming cup of coffee.

Featuring the work of:

Ross Murray
Andrew Kepple
Grant Buist
Aaron Christiansen
Alex McCrone
Dan Brader
Yi Lang Chen
Ryan Green
Bob Gibbons
Sean Lewis
Isaac Freeman
Ryan Scott
James Espie
Nick Scarr
Armouros Cadear
Blake Francis Dixon
Tony Scanlan
Jared Lane

Published by Funtime Comics Collective
ISBN Paperback: 1175-1150
Full colour, perfect bound, 68 pages, gloss laminated cover