• Image of Funtime Comics & Art Zine : Issue 27

Funtime showcases the talents of New Zealand and International artists and writers with a range of short story comics, graphic art and articles.

A mix of youth and wizened-ness graces the pages of this issue. With a noticeable rise of female comic artists proving that comics are no longer just for boys in spandex.

We are excited to present the work of a new generation of woman creators, with Sarah Lund's 'Yo Princess', a fresh take on the Damsel in Distress; an extract of Mary Tamblyn and Alex McCrone's Kickstarter funded 'Nothing Fits', about mummies and scheming rats; gorgeous watercolour art by Rae Joyce; and works by Indira Neville and Alesha May.

The boys aren't left out with Funtime veterans Jared Lane, Tony Scanlan and Brent Willis doing comics for the sake of human(s)ity! And newcomers Dan Brader, Yi Lang Chen, Aaron Christiansen and Armouros Cardear help provide some perspective.

Published by Funtime Comics Collective
ISBN Paperback: 1175-1150
Full colour, perfect bound, 84 pages, gloss laminated cover